Long John Baldry

My treasured friend Baldry from the Standard 1993. In 1969 young and very handsome when I knew him and we did a TV together my true loyal friend sent me a telegram to Holloway Prison which I still have and treasure . Unfortunately I could not send him a visiting order because I needed the help of Paul Foot and my solicitor.

He lived in Canada and phoned me to see his performance in a gig and looked as handsome to me with a beard and hat. He always addressed me as daughter and said daughter I never thought as a favour to me and take Dee in off the street he would cause so much pain and damage I said and agreed he was quite a good song writer but a psycho and nut case as I should have known having worked in a mental hospital as a nurse. As a heroin addict I thought it may be the drugs I brought him off.

It was when after John Baldry passed away I was very touched that Rod Stewart paid John’s hospital bill as it was John Baldry gave Rod Stewart his first break when he found him busking and it seems Rod Stewart did not forget that. I only knew of Rod Stewart from my good friend Alan Warren who Knew Rod Stewart with a photograph he took of him in his book The Confessions of a Society Photographer and a quote from Alan’s book my friend Janie Jones from page 70 which I have already told you and he was the producer of the musical of Lionel Bart with the photograph of Marc Bolan myself and Alan Warren in 1977 a few days after Marc Bolan my friend the wizard was killed in a car crash.

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