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Here’s a newsflash from Janie

The dates of my Channel 4 documentary from my book The Devil and Miss Jones, which is being made by MAPTV and will be called Moors Murders is:

Ep.1.     The Witness (21 Feb at 10pm)
Ep.2.     The Lost Letters (28 Feb at 10pm)
Ep.3.     The Trial (7 March at 10pm)

Janie Jones is now fighting her gross miscarriage of justice of her 1973 trial which the late Paul Foot fought for justice for Janie Jones which Janie held in very high esteem,  brilliant investigative journalist Paul Foot. On the 13th October 2014 with the advice of a top QC to obtain another Paul Foot to the best of my ability which I did in the name of justice which is my greatest ambition so I took on Dr Mitchell to assist me with concrete evidence from my trial transcripts of all the proof.

I will in due course prove my miscarriage of justice against a down and out song writer drug addict I took off the street as a favour to my dear friend the late John Baldry and John Dee who set me up with a woman he introduced as my cleaner who was a low life like himself. The after the 1973 trial he received six years in prison in Germany for attempted murder.

Janie Jones